Wii Fit Review

I just bought one for Christmas. I don’t really have a success story, persay, at this point. In fact, I opened it up the day after Christmas, played on it for a bit. But, had family in and a lot of stuff going on so was unable to hop back on until lastnight. The sucker said I gained 3 lbs! I believe it though, i’ve been eating enough turkey and ham to last me a lifetime.

Anyhow, now to the stuff you really want to hear. The Wii Fit is easy to setup, but it takes a while. You should leave yourself at least 30 minutes or so before you ever get the opportunity to play the games. You will want to setup your Mii (which you use for all other games too) and then you will need to do some body tests and things on the Wii Fit board.

They keep it pretty entertaining along the way though. It was interesting to see that I was barely into the normal category for my BMI. I figured this would be the case. I am not necessarily overweight, i’m just out of shape. During the balance test I saw that I really have no balance. I also got the opportunity to setup a goal for myself. Mine is more of just keeping track of whats going on with my body, since my goal is not necessarily to lose weight, I plugged in 5 lbs (which now I have to lose 8!).

Once you get through all the initial setup, its fairly quick to hop on and start getting in a workout. I would imagine that everyone has this problem because different areas of different peoples bodies are stronger than others. I actually have fairly strong legs and abs, but a weak back, chest, and arms.

They have the exercises split up into a handful of categories. You can do yoga, aerobics, or strength are the primary “fitness” elements in my opinion. Others are like balance games and in my opinion are not quite as good of a workout. As mentioned above, I guess it would be natural for some people to find a few of hte exercises very easy, others extremely hard. Since I’m a pretty big guy, donig the pushups was almost impossible for me. First off, I’ve never been good at them anyhow, but having to keep my hands on a small board (much further in than what feels natural) it just made it htat much harder. I intend on working up on that. The ab workouts such as the jacknife were really good.

I was also extremely shocked at how well the aerobics workouts were working for me. The running in place could be entertaining, especially since you can do 2 player and race against someone else. Needless to say, I got beat by my pregnant wife. =/

Overall, I would recommend the Wii Fit to anyone who has a Wii. It is good at keeping track of where you are at, and is going to be fairly entertaining. Still, you’ll have to find time to use it just as you would for any other type of exercise equipment in your house. It is unique though, and makes it a bit more interesting.



Wii Fit For Children Problem

In case you haven’t heard already, Wii Fit has been criticized among some very sensitive people. Apparently since the Wii Fit uses a BMI formula to determine whether you are overweight or not, that is somehow making parents be in an uproar. Little do these parents know that the Wii Fit is actually intended to help people be “fit”. I guess that is a shock to them.

Sure, we don’t want people telling our kids that they are fat, but reality is reality. Anyone who steps onto the little pad that comes with the game should be well aware of what possibilities they may encounter. I tested my BMI just a few minutes ago. I am barely into the overweight category. I’m not so sure I agree with that totally since I have people call me skinny at times (I am tall). However, there is no doubt that I have a small gut that I could get rid of.

The Wii Fit is a great health tool for our children. Even if it isn’t 100% accurate, it will track progress and will be of some assistance for kids or adults to get to their target weight. I am surprised that parents wouldn’t want to instill in their kids that they should be health conscious. We don’t have to go overboard, but if your child isn’t doing anything except sitting on the couch playing video games, maybe the Wii Fit is a good option for them.

Kimbo Slice Loses

I have had a few people come on and bash me for my comments about Kimbo Slice a couple of months ago (see below post). While Kimbo Slice is pretty much an internet superstar, he proved Saturday that he is nothing more than that. In fact, he lost to someone who couldn’t cut it in the UFC, Seth Petruzelli. In fact, to put this into perspective, you have to look at who Seth is.

This isn’t to put Seth down, as much as it to put Kimbo Slice back into reality with his fighting skills. Seth didn’t even win the Ultimate Fighter show. The Ultimate Fighter is a great platform for up and coming fighters. It has had people like Forest Griffin and Keith Jardine in it. However, I think both will tell you that they are leaps and bounds better now than they were on the show. With that said, Seth never made it to the finals of the show.

To top it off, Seth likely hasn’t been training for this fight. I’m sure he is still doing MMA somewhere. But, he was so hungry to be in the spotlight, he took this fight an hour before the match. I respect him for that.

Seth Petruzelli won the fight in a matter of seconds. In fact, I flipped from the channel at one point, came back, and the fight was already over. I was a little bit upset about that, but found it more enjoyable seeing Kimbo Slice defeated like he was. Perhaps Kimbo Slice can now come back to reality with us. He is an average fighter at best who no where near deserves the internet superstardom that he has received. Can we get our focus back on the real fighters of today, the UFC title holders now?


The Must Have Car Care Items

I was just surfing the net the other day looking around for some things for my car. I came across an awesome website that had some very unique items on it. I have not tried these out so I can not vouch for their effectiveness, but they do seem quite interesting and affordable.

First, I came across a solar car battery charger. How awesome is that? Going green seems to be the thing these days. Which by the way, I have to vouch for Boone Pickens awesome energy plan. Anyhow, this thing seems like a very cool concept and is actually quite affordable.

Another item I thought was very unique was the CTEK 3600 battery charger. This thing looks tiny but seems to do a good job. In fact, the place stands behind the product with a 5 year warranty on it. This little guy is great for attaching to a battery without ever having to disconnect it.

For the last product I found, I was looking over some of their cleaning products. DoDo Juice Wax seemed to stick out to me. If nothing else than for their name, you should definitely have some of this sitting on your shelf at home. However, just like their other products, UltimateFinish seems to stand behind this product as well. You can get this wax to match whatever color your vehicle is for a very high quality finish. It is supposed to be a professional grade product.









Do It Yourself: Shrink Wrap

There are some things in life that you should probably leave up to professionals. Before learning on this topic I imagined this was probably one of them. However, I came into work the other day and this guy that sits a few cubicles down from me is really into Harley Davidson stuff. You will find different odd and end type things that have the Harley Davidson logo on it. He recently decided that his little microwave needed to fit the theme of his cubicle so he actually contemplated shrink wrapping it with a printed logo of the 50th anniversary Harley Davidson logo. Granted, it is a little bit cheezy, but I dug around on the web for a “how to” for heat shrink.

Based on how it sounds, it doesn’t seem like it would be that difficult. Depending on what you intend on doing with it, there are places that sell types of shrink wrapping materials such as heat shrink sleeves and heat shrink tube. I thought the process was quite interesting. He hasn’t actually decided to go through with the idea, but if he does I’ll post some pictures.

Kimbo Slice is Just A Thug

Kimbo Slice

I hadn’t really even heard of this guy prior to a few days ago. There is no doubt, this guy is absolutely huge. I got to looking around online and found some videos of him and his little posse roaming around fighting people in backyards and other unsupervised places.

First of all, I can’t imagine why any official fighting platform would want to market this guy. When watching other videos you hear his friends using the “N” word every two seconds. I mean, come on, shouldn’t we find people who associate themselves with people who have a little bit more class than that?

Not only this, but there are certainly other avenues that true fighters can take these days. Backyard fighting is so 1990′s. We have the UFC, we have Pride, we have other organizations backed by people who want to make it an official sport. This clown is using the internet to gain his popularity and others are joining in by also sacrificing their health. In fact, I believe in one video a guy had his eye knocked out of its socket by Kimbo. I couldn’t believe that both guys were smiling about it, and Kimbo wanted to continue fighting. How ridiculous is that? Congratulations, you proved to the 5 people in the backyard that you are a complete idiot. No wonder the NFL didn’t want him around. He is more of a thug than Michael Vick.

I Never Wanted to Root for the Lakers

Kobe Bryant is Arrogant

Oh man, in my opinion, Kobe Bryant is one of the most arrogant people in basketball today. In fact, he almost made me puke after the game when the press asked him questions. I believe it was Game 2 or 3 against the Spurs when in the first half he had only 2 points and had missed several shots at that point. He did come out stronger and had something like 26 points in the second half.

When the reporter asked him about why he didn’t do very well in the first half. He came back with a response that he can “turn it on” anytime he wants. Come on now, stop trying to sound like you just sit back and didn’t want to get involved in the offense. Give the defense a little bit of credit.

Granted, when the guy is hitting he can really knock down the shots. But to come out and just not give the opposing team any credit seems pretty arrogant to me. If he really was just sitting back or could “turn it on” anytime he wanted, he would do it all the time and his team would want him to do that. The fact of the matter is, is that some people are capable of playing good defense against him and at times he will not be hitting. He won’t admit to that though unless that happens all game for him.

Even though I dislike Kobe Bryant so much, I would still like to see the Lakers vs Celtics in the championship. There is so much history between the two teams that it alone would make the series entertaining. However, I will certainly be pushing for the Celtics to win.

Internet – The Rational Platform for Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry is the top-ranking industry for any type of economy existing on this planer. With every successful transaction in this industry, there are number of people benefited from the deal. With emergence of Internet as a powerful platform for almost all types of industries, real estate industry has also added significant value to its essence. Nowadays, it is simple to find a real estate agents and brokers, real estate properties, buyers and sellers with a click of mouse. Let us examine the dependability of real estate on internet from different perspectives.

Real Estate Buyers and Sellers

Before the emergence of internet, it was a tedious task to knock the doors of real estate agents scattered in huge geographical range. Moreover, it was practically impossible to bring a contrast between different real estate brokers on the basis of their efficiency. Now, it has become a simplified process to evaluate online real estate agents by visiting their websites and accessing the reviews of their past clients. And all this is possible at the comfort of your home.

Moreover, a prospective buyer is offered with huge database of real estates to meet his or her preferences. Now, a real estate seller is able to find a suitable buyer for the property, as his or her real estate is listed with an array of real estate websites.

Real Estate Agents – Performing Their Task Efficiently

The internet houses a number of websites, which are admirable destinations for real estate agents to prove their mettle in this industry. This has helped these professionals in a number of ways:

  • The reach of real estate agents has been increased to more number of consumers.
  • It is a convenient method to display various options in real estate properties by providing surplus information in the form of images and existing condition of the property.
  • The real estate agents are making their presence felt in the inboxes of prospective buyers and sellers by the means of email marketing and newsletters.
  • This trend has assured better commissions, value-added customer services and other benefits.
  • However, if the current statistics are taken into account, it is clear that there are hundreds of thousands of real estate websites existing in the cyber space. Thus, one needs to develop strategies to remain ahead of the competitors. Here is the point where efficient website design and internet marketing come into the picture.

    Real Estate Websites – Powerful Business Entities

    In order to ensure that your website is the right recipe for real estate buyers and sellers, you need to put in right ingredients as discussed below:

  • Develop a professional real estate website with easy navigation controls.
  • Provide informative contents and latest updates of real estate marketing.
  • Allow your regular customers to leave reviews for your real estate services.
  • It is important to provide round-the-clock customer support to your website visitors. Also, leave your contact information on various web pages of the website.

    Apart from owning a powerful website, it is essential to draw the attention of prospective consumers. Thus, it is strictly important to follow internet marketing techniques like newsletter marketing, article writing, viral marketing, PPC campaigning and other valuable tools in this direction. Also, it is desirable to make your website SEO proficient to attract the search engine spiders, which are capable of deciding the ranking of your website in the search results.

    Remember! Real estate industry is never going to loose its charm and it is possible due to the significant role played by Internet in this direction.

    PHP and MySQL – A Dominant Combination for Web Development

    Are you laying the foundation for your first website? Website development is associated with careful selection of two most essential platforms, a scripting language at the front end and support of influential database at the back end. These two components are deciding factors for the accomplished subsistence of a web portal.

    PHP and MySQL serve as most dependable tools for modern web development. And when combined, these two platforms are capable of dishing up a website with desirable functionality.

    PHP – Dawn of Dynamic Web Development

    PHP has been welcomed by webmasters with open arms, as it is labeled as server side scripting language. This feature of PHP holds great value in building powerful and complex web applications, which are easy to load on the desktop of Internet users. Here are other benefits of employing PHP for web development:

  • PHP code is easily implanted in HTML files, which allows the server to employ fast processing of this code.
  • PHP owes its existence to evergreen languages like C and C++. Thus, programmers well-versed in these languages may quickly switch over to PHP. More than that it is easy for novice programmers to get equipped with PHP.
  • PHP provides dynamic utility to a website due to which, it is capable of generating fast outputs according to the user inputs at any given point of time.
  • PHP shares a great association with Database Management Systems. It facilitates the data to be stored at a centralized location thereby making it possible to access this data easily and quickly.
  • The most important feature of PHP is that it supports Open Source Code system. This means that unlike other scripting languages like ASP, PHP offers free code to different programmers and web surfers. This has lead to the existence of PHP communities to share significant codes with each other.

    MySQL – Most Admirable Relational Database

    MySQL is fast becoming the choice of web developers and the credit goes to its robustness, flexibility and reliability. Here are some of the most enchanting features of this database:

  • First of all, it is an open source database system and thus, is easily available.
  • MySQL is easy to install and takes less time in this process, as compared to other databases like Oracle.
  • It ensures high performance, voluminous memory caches, flexibility and scalability for its usage in small and big web development projects.
  • It ensures security in terms of encrypting and decrypting features, along with provision for authenticated access to data.
  • It follows a fast and reliable query procedure to enhance the utility of web application.

    How About Combining to Potent Platforms

    PHP and MySQL, apart from enjoying good status individually, form the basis of a powerful web development package. These two components are inseparable parts of LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) and WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL and PHP). Here are few advantages enjoyed by this combination:

  • It is easy to install these two platforms on the computer of web developer.
  • This combination is supported by various operating systems, Windows and UNIX being the two prominent ones.
  • An array of web servers provides support to this combination.
  • It is an inexpensive platform to build serious applications like shopping carts.
  • The combination of PHP and MySQL is capable of generating automated web applications.
  • PHP and MySQL are undisputed rulers of web applications developed these days. Thus, one can add worth to powerful existence of its website in cyber space by providing same space to these two platforms.

    UK Comparison Shopping – Helping Consumers to Strike Best Deals

    Comparison Shopping in the UK

    What was the most significant approach followed by consumers during pre-internet era to locate best products available in market? The best way was to visit different stores and compare the prices and other aspects associated with one particular product. In the modern world, ruled by internet, the comparison shopping has been provided with new outfit. Now, the consumers are facilitated to bring comparison between products offered by online stores at the comfort of home.

    Thus, UK comparison shopping has emerged as a powerful tool for consumers to strike best deals on products ranging from laptops to sat nav control systems.

    Saving Considerable Bucks

    It is a fact that every person has his or her own budget constraints and thus, it is essential to make an effective budget plan. Comparison shopping puts the ladder against the wall to climb the heights of financially viable shopping. It helps the consumers to take intelligent purchase decisions for cheap products like clothes to expensive products like lcd tvs. Thus, one can control on the way, he or she wants to shop for different products.

    Purchasing Quality Products

    Every land based store has discovered its online space to popularize the concept of e-shopping. In such a situation, the consumers are liable to confusion on the matter of purchasing a product from a particular store. For instance, if you log in to Internet to locate best product for sat nav, you might be provided with an array of options to choose from. Comparison shopping is the tool, which assists the consumers to buy quality products.

    How to Locate Comparison Charts

    In order to make maximum use of comparison shopping, it is important to locate web portals providing efficient comparison charts. A simple search on Google or any other popular search engine might generate top results for comparison charts. You may choose a comparison chart website on the basis of following factors:

  • The website must be able to cover majority of service providers or product sellers to enhance the diameter of comparison process. For instance, in case of laptops, the website must club together these products provided by topmost brands like Dell, Acer, and Sony.
  • The website must support its comparison charts on the basis of various aspects like prices, reputation of particular brand, customer services and also, the reviews from past purchasers of the product.
  • The website must be proficient in providing the pros as well as cons of purchasing a particular product or service.
  • Most importantly, the website must employ latest information as the foundation for comparison process. For instance, if the products to be compared are lcd tvs, then the website must have instant information about latest market prices, hot selling brands and related facts.
  • Some Negative Thoughts

    There are people, who consider these comparison charts as a way to uplift a section of merchants. There are also opinions regarding these comparison websites that they are partial towards those product sellers, who offer commission to these websites for writing positive reviews about the product. However, these opinions are not applicable to all websites facilitating comparison charts. There are some genuine online portals, which play their role with honesty and bring most efficient comparison results for the consumers.

    Thus, UK comparison shopping is a cradle for earning suitable returns for your hard-earned money and efforts made by you.

    Discount Vouchers – Most Popular Reasons Fueling Their Existence

    Discount Vouchers

    Internet is growing at a fast pace and vast amount of cyber space is occupied by online stores, offering products falling in different categories like electronic goods, automobiles, sports, books, footwear and every other group one may think of. With such wide variety of competition, every online UK merchant is combating with other to grab major chunk of online purchasers. In this race, discount vouchers are considered as powerful supports for online stores to enchant the interests of prospective buyers of products sold by them.

    Baiting the Targeted Audiences

    Discount vouchers and codes happen to be baits for attracting online consumers in a significant manner. The majority of purchasers belong to the section of society, which is always in search of economical deals of purchase of various products. Thus, these discount offers are like cool shadows for these consumers, discovered on a hot day. There are big players like dixons discount codes in UK market, which are strengthening their roots in providing tempting deals to consumers and hence, taking business to a new high.

    Reasons for Popularity

    Discount codes and vouchers are making their presence felt in online UK market due to a number of reasons, as described below:

  • First of all, these codes help an online store to gain competitive edge over other stores in the same category. For instance, a store dedicated to kids shopping may decoy the consumers by offering considerable discount codes.
  • Offering products at discounted prices doesn’t cost much to these online stores. This is clear from the fact that maintaining an online website is one of the most inexpensive ways of selling business products and services.
  • Discount vouchers are admirable tools for building creditability amongst esteemed customers of the store. The customers would like to return to the store time and again to take advantage of discounted prices. Thus, these are smart ways of building long-term relationships.

    Locating Discount Vouchers

    The most appropriate approach to locate discount vouchers is with the help of popular search engines. For instance, if you are looking for discounts on sports goods, you may simply use the phrase “discount vouchers sports” or “sports discount codes” to find most suitable options.

    Also, you may find the occurrences of these vouchers and codes in your email inboxes. The online stores like dixons consider it as a significant tactic to reach the targeted audience, rather than waiting for them to visit the store. In fact, there are websites, which provide discount vouchers on mobile phones through short message services. Not to forget! These vouchers are also available in the form of cash back facilities, by which a fixed amount of cash is returned to the consumer on purchase made by him or her.

    You might be using internet for kids shopping or for locating computer accessories, discount vouchers are going to grab your attention everywhere. These vouchers are of great worth for students, as this section of consumers is always short of desired funds to make a purchase. However, these vouchers are praised by every person in the society, who wants to make effective use of his or her budget plan.

    Visiting the Essential Tips for Cheap UK Shopping

    UK onling shopping

    What are the most admirable benefits of UK online shopping? To start with, it saves a considerable amount of time. Secondly, it lets you purchase anything from oil pin to mobile phones to automobile at few mouse clicks. And thirdly, it allows you to enjoy the comfort of home while loading the shopping bags. And do you know it also helps in saving major amount of your funds. There exists a celebrated trend called Cheap UK shopping to provide consumers with best deals. One needs to identify the tips and tracks for availing cheap deals from UK stores.

    UK Comparison Shopping – Ultimate Companion

    UK comparison shopping has mushroomed in recent times and has brought a revolution in the way online shopping is conducted. There are many websites, which provide comparisons between products offered by different companies on the basis of features, quality, price and other worthy aspects. One may utilize these comparison charts to make purchase for different types of products starting from attires to laptops. These charts help to reduce the amount of money spent by you on buying online products.

    Product Reviews – Know the Unknown

    Product reviews are provided by expert spectators of market as well as consumers of different products. After using the product, these consumers post their personal experiences and ways to find most economical deals for different items. One can learn from the experience of others to strike profitable deals on any type of product existing in UK market, varying from coffee machines to washing machines.

    Shopbots – Cheap Price Finders

    Shopbots is a novice concept, but it has already gained popularity on web. These online robots are employed by various websites to locate most profitable deals on different products in terms of price as well as quality. However, one can’t rely fully on the search results of these shopbots, as it is difficult to evaluate the legitimacy of websites found in these results. Still, one can narrow down his or her search for cheap prices by using these shopbots for different products like books, games, laptops, furnishings, mobile phones and so on.

    Websites with Cashback Facility

    There are many online stores, which are capable of providing cash back facilities on making a purchase through merchant sites listed by them. This is again a flaming concept to ensure cheap UK shopping for consumers on different products.

    Bargains and Sales

    There are online stores, which offer bargains for limited period of time and thus, offer privileges to the consumers to lay their hands upon profit bearing deals. Apart from these bargains, there are seasonal sales, which are considered as most favourable options to save substantial amount of money on different products. Moreover, there are websites, which offer discount vouchers to bring down the price of different commodities. A keyword based search on popular search engines is helpful in opening the doors of these websites for the consumers.

    Apart from those mentioned above, there are other tips and guidelines for availing different products at inexpensive prices:

  • Auction sites are good options for purchasing products like coffee machines at reduced market prices.
  • It is a good idea to make a purchase from different parts of the country and overseas to access branded products available at commendable prices. Considering the delivery and handling charges, this practice still holds weight for saving money.
  • To ensure creditable return for every penny spent by you, it is desirable to check the credentials and authenticity of shopping websites before making as purchase.
  • By following these guidelines, one may add significant worth to savings earned by online shopping.

    How do people live without air conditioners?

    Live Without an Air Conditioner

    Wow, for the last couple of weeks we have been waiting to get our air conditioner replaced. Our previous one was put in when the house was built in 1983. Not only that, but the air conditioner was originally supposed to only cool the house without the 800 or so square feet that has been added on. My wife and I decided that we would just tough through it until we could get someone out to our house to replace it instead of paying someone to fix the old one.

    This last week was routinely 90 degrees farenheight or warmer every day. It was miserable! I am used to it being nice a cool inside the house at night. We had to use fans right next to the bed to even feel halfway comfortable. Unfortunately, I still found myself sweating in the middle of the night.

    Yesterday, the air conditioner gurus finally got the new 3 1/2 ton Goodman air conditioner in. The thing works like a dream. We did run into a problem with our thermostat but it is still nice being able to turn the thing on manually and get the house cooled off quickly.

    The Best Ways to Earn Money Online

    Earn Money Online

    Did you know that we can earn from blogging? Let me share my experience on my blogging journey. I started my blog a few months ago. When I first got involved in blogging it was something that I could do to share my experiences with friends. A little while later I came across this Free Tips blog which had some attractive content. It actually told me we can earn from what we doing now – blogging.

    How to earn by just blogging? A lot of webmasters and bloggers already know this, the advertisement will bring revenue to them. For those newbies who have no idea on how to go about getting advertisements, I will suggest that you go have a look at Google Adsense. Google Adsense is the best Pay per Click advertising and most popular program nowadays to earn money online. If you opt not to go with Google Adsense, you might try Bidvertiser and Abrite who also has a good reputation.

    For your information, advertisements basically can break down to a few types. The general types are Pay per Click, Pay per impression, Pay per action/lead, and Pay per sale. You can choose whatever suitable advertisement to place on your website or blog to gain some extra revenue from the advertiser.

    • Pay per click – you will get paid by the advertiser once your visitor clicks the advertisement

    • Pay per impression – The pay is according to the number of your visitors. The advertiser will state “$XXX CPM” generally which mean they will pay you $XXX per 1000 impressions.

    • Pay per action/lead – You only get paid if your visitors are joining or signing up for something through your advertisement.

    • Pay per sale – You will get commission if you successfully sell the product for your advertiser on your website/blog. Of course, you will get nothing if nothing is sold.

    On the other hand, even if you do not own a website or blog you can still make some money online. You can get paid to play games, I did find a blog that introduced me to a free get paid to play game. I believe that gamers will be interested in something like this. Unfortunately, most of the paid to play is only available to US members, but there are still some paid to play games that are open to all international members.

    Finally, I hope you do enjoy your earning journey online. Good luck!

    Taking Away Guns is Stupid

    Do Not Ban Guns

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m far from one of these NRA guys who wants to keep his gun on his hip all the time. I’m not one of these types who sits at home paranoid that I might have someone break in. On the other hand, the reasoning behind outlawing guns has to be one of the stupidest things I have ever heard.

    You have people like Oprah Winfrey or others making the argument that by somehow outlawing guns will make criminals less likely to kill others. First off, they want to totally overlook one big word… it is called criminals. If I am a criminal, I own a gun and have intentions of using it on a person, why would I consider giving it up? I am not going to.

    The only thing outlawing guns does is takes away those honest citizens ability to own one. The criminals will still have them, we won’t ever be able to change that. Much like drugs, the criminals will still be able to find access to them somehow.

    If we really want to combat crime, we should take a more proactive approach. Banning firearms is not the answer.

    Accepting Credit Cards is Important For Online Business

    Merchant Services

    Honestly, I have been an internet marketer for quite a while now. In fact, I’ve offered quite a few services. Ranging from web design, web hosting, to PHP scripts, to even content creation, I have done it all. I have lost several potential clients because of my inability to accept credit cards as payment. Many are overseas clients who cannot access PayPal, which is what I normally use for payment transactions.

    The ability to do credit card processing has always been too expensive to open for me. I’m a small-time business owner and it doesn’t make sense for me to open a merchant account unless I can find one that doesn’t require a monthly fee or doesn’t charge me a flat fee of $5.00 for every small $10.00 transaction I make.

    Charge.com looks to have an amazing business model. I fully intend on opening an account with them to improve my income on my websites. According to a lot of people, not offering credit cards online is business suicide. I can’t say that I 100% agree with that, but I have no doubt that if charge.com meets up to what they say they are offering, that this would be great for small business owners like myself. Now, we can more easily compete with others in our competitive markets.

    I Have a New Respect for Stren Fishing Line

    Stren Fishing Line

    My wife and I decided to hit up a nearby lake this last weekend. The fishing wasn’t just spectacular, but we did manage to catch a few. The highlight of the day though wasn’t us catching fish, it was this guy about 10 yards away who managed to snag a carp. Sure, that doesn’t sound like such a huge feat until you saw the kind of pole this guy was using. It was one of those little rinky-dink poles made for kids or lightweight tackle. In fact, he said he only had 4 lbs test stren string on it as he was reeling in a 20 lbs carp!

    He managed to land this thing after about a 10 minute fight. With that said, I’ve never been a huge fan of Stren. In fact, it has probably been one of my least favorite types of string to use. However, I have to say that they either changed something up, or I just don’t know how to use the stuff properly. I couldn’t believe that this guy landed such a big fish on such small string. Props goes to Stren for improving or at least proving their product to me.

    Roof Repair

    Do Not Ban Guns

    I was recently visiting a relative in Waltham Massachusetts. While i was staying there we had a severe rain storm and because of this, the roof began to leak. We then went online and searched for someone that did roof repair. We came across David Ness who is a roofing contractor in Waltham, MA. He came by and fixed the leak within an hour. I was pretty impressed with the company. If you’re looking for a roofer in Massachusetts give them a call.

    Jokes and Funny Videos

    Thank you for finally providing a G rated website where I don’t have to worry about inappropriate material. I can easily come home and just enjoy funny amusing videos and jokes that are fun for all ages. For example there is this fun video of a soccer match between China and some other team where it shows a funny goal by China. The player receives a corner kick and he jumps over the defender and hits a header towards the goal where it hits the left goal post ricochets back to him as hes laying on his stomach and the ball hits his head into the goal. The most unbelievable goal I have ever seen in my life. Being a soccer fan I thought I had seen everything but I was wrong. That video kept me laughing for a while. There is also a good picture joke where the image shows the parking lot of corporation. The car farthest away from the entrance is quoted as saying the “Workahalic” and the next closest parking space if the “Boss” and the closest one to the entrance is the “Blonde Secretary”. Funny joke of the day with just images. The joke being PG rated makes it also good for all ages. The jokes of the day are also fun and cute. For example they have a turtle joke where a turtle gets mugged by snails and the police investigates and asks the turtle if he saw what happened to him and he replies, I don’t know it all happened too fast.

    Step Brothers (With Will Ferrell) Looks Hilarious

    Step Brothers Movie

    I haven’t been this excited about a comedy since the release of Jim Carrey’s Pet Detective: When Nature Calls. Which, by the way, is a great movie in case you haven’t seen it.

    I had a couple of friends over at my house lastnight and they brought up this movie. I hadn’t even seen the trailer for Step Brothers or anything so they asked me to load it up.

    Oh my gosh, I’m a fan already. With Will Ferrell in it, you know it is bound to be a great movie. It is apparently about these two older men who still live with their parents. Eventually, becoming step brothers when their single parents get married. Now, not only living under the same roof, but having to share the same room, they start out by hating eachother. They end up finding out they have a lot in common and go on a journey to get jobs so they can move out of the parents home.

    If you haven’t seen the trailer, you should definitely make a search over at Youtube or go to the Official Step Brothers Website. I guarantee, that even if you have not liked some of Will’s work in the past, that you will fall in love with this kind of comedy.