Chronic Illness

So what is Chronic Illness? A chronic illness is not referring to a specific illness. Instead, it describes illnesses that are sometimes life-long problems for an individual. Chronic’s root word, “chronos” is related to time.


There can be several types of chronic illnesses. Cancer, asthma, and diabetes are just a few illnesses that can be considered chronic. Does this mean that a person that has a chronic illness will always be sick? Not always. There are hundreds of illnesses that can at times be a life-long struggle.


Since there are so many different types of chronic illness, it is difficult to say how a person might cope with their situation. Some with chronic illness are not able function as well as they would like. It is important for them to have a great support structure around them to help them handle their situation.


My father struggles with several chronic illnesses, two of his primary problems are Hepatitis C and Diabetes. I admire his ability to get up out of the chair every morning and push himself to go to work. Taking chemotherapy and somewhere around 10 or more pills per day, he rarely, if ever, complains about his situation. However, not everyone has that strength. It will not only be their lives changing, it will also likely be your own if it is a close family member.

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