Politics Is A Mess

Politics is an interesting subject. Things are slowly beginning to heat up as we get closer to election time and make a crucial decision for our country here in the United States. In fact, this might be one of the biggest decisions our country has made in a while. One side is against the war in Iraq, while the other side thinks we need to stick to our guns and change the Middle East.

The Democratic Party’s front runner at the moment is no other than Hillary Rodham Clinton. I’m not sure the democrats have learned from their mistakes in previous elections. I have no doubt in my mind that if the democratic party would push for someone that was in the moderate category that they would be able to run away with the election. I think that a good portion of men will shy away from voting for Hillary Clinton for no other reason than her being a female. That is at least the way I see it. Also, Hillary has been shifty on her stances, particularly in how to handle illegal immigrants. You can also go further back and realize that she was also in favor of military action in Iraq at one point. That’s really no surprise though; most people were prior to going in.

When it comes to the Iraq war, I think only people who are crazy think that everything is fine and dandy over there. Heck, I was in favor of the war, and I’m still a bit undecided on what to do about the situation, but by no means would I say things are going the way they should be going at the moment. Is the answer to duck and run? I don’t think so. Is the answer to keep our troops over there for another five years? I don’t think so. The problem we are having stems from having a great initial plan of getting Saddam out of power, but I do not think that the administration really planned well on holding borders and keeping terrorists out. Instead, terrorists began flooding in and we are no longer fighting Saddam’s loyal fighters, but instead terrorists that would come to the US and kill another 3,000 if they had the opportunity. I think we need to find a way to end this, I’m just not so sure that Hillary Rodham Clinton is the answer.

New Site Dedicated To Medical Syndrome

Today I found a nice blog which talks on latest articles and research works on Medical syndromes
The name Medisyne.com comes from the words ‘medical’ and ‘syndromes’. The result is a mnemonic of the word ‘medicine’, The site is nicely designed blog and easy to browse/search the medical syndrome articles.

Medisyne.com aims to provide its readers news and information about the many prevalent medical disorders. Their goal is to educate readers about every possible syndrome there is. Currently, they have already featured the following: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue, Compartment, Cushing’s, Down Syndrome, Fetal Alcohol, Fragile X Syndrome, Gilbert’s Syndrome, Guillan Barre, Irritable Bowel, Joubert, Marfan, Metabolic Syndromes, Noonan, Premenstrual, Restless Leg, Stevens Johnson, Toxic Shock, and Turner’s.

Aside from featuring rare syndromes, Medisyne.com also has a section solely dedicated for general health. It reports news about more widely and commonly known diseases such as hypertension, anorexia, eye damage, viral infection, cancer, depression, tuberculosis, and many more. They believe that the maintenance of good health is essential to alleviate the quality living. In knowing symptoms and diseases, you gain an invaluable protection and that is knowledge.

The blog is updated regularly with latest news and research on various medical syndromes occuring worldwide.

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Opening a Second Chance Banking Account

Do you have bad credit? Have you recently had problems getting a business bank account due to your credit problems? If this is you, 2ndchancecheckingaccount.com is structured to work with you to overcome the problems. They have access to highly sought-after banks that offer the second chance checking accounts. Regardless of whether you have bad credit, good credit, or no credit at all, these banks are willing to work with you.


Getting a checking account is free, you will receive a free MasterCard debit card, and you are 100% guaranteed to be approved.  You will not have to make a deposit, and you will have a legitimate routing number and account number.


After your second chance checking account is setup you can use it as if it were any other checking account. All banks used are FDIC insured banks, with options of direct deposit from your employer. Being able to use these types of banks should help you feel safe knowing that losing money is not a risk. You should feel secure with most any FDIC bank knowing that if economic disaster strikes as it did a few hundred years ago that your money is still safe.


As well, you will not have any ChexSystems checks with these accounts. If you are not familiar with these, then you may not have been turned down from opening a checking account previously. A ChexSystems is essentially a place that employers, banks, and lenders use to check some of your history. If you have had previous trouble with your accounts then the ChexSystems is there to notify these people that you may be a credit risk. Opening a Second Chance Checking Account will help you get your checking account without having the embarrassment of someone telling you are too much of a risk for them.

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Advanced E-Media, Inc.

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WebJaguar is robust technology, offered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business model, and developed by Advanced E-Media to build dynamic, database-driven Web sites.  WebJaguar is offered in three editions, including, 1) Corporate/Membership Edition with strong content management tools to enable both Advanced E-Media and its customers to quickly and easily manage and change Web sites, 2) Retailer Edition with comprehensive E-commerce capabilities for retailers to increase sales and profits on a local, national and global basis, and 3) Wholesaler Edition with a complete E-Business suite of online capabilities for manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and suppliers to increase sales, save on time and costs and better manage their business throughout the supply chain.  WebJaguar also has several add-on modules that can be provided at an additional set-up and monthly recurring fee for any of the three editions.
The WebJaguar service has a strong competitive advantage in meeting the needs of, a) manufacturers, b) wholesalers, c) distributors, d) suppliers, e) retailers and f) small to mid-sized corporations.  The company also focuses on business alliances with companies that act as resellers with many prospects for WebJaguar and can help the alliance companies better service their customers, including a) hosting companies, b) IT services companies and c) Web design/development companies that do not have the E-Business, E-commerce and content management tools of WebJaguar.  The company’s success achieved in a relatively short amount of time is attributed to its industry knowledge, passion for creating Web site applications that help businesses grow profitably, and a focus on customer service. Contact us at
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