Preachers Who Tear Down Other Ministers

I could mention these preachers, but i’m not going to. Most people who read a lot of books on theology, listen to sermons online, or listen to christian radio are probably well aware of a few who fit this category. It is so frustrating to me.

On one hand, these ministers are so thankful that Jesus Christ saved them. On the other hand, they don’t realize that his blood covered more than just themselves. In fact, some are so dogmatic they will go to the point of putting down others directly from the pulpit. In my personal views, the pulpit should be used for teaching the word, not teaching against the words of men.

Now, before I make anyone too upset, you have to realize that I acknowledge that there are false teachers. We should stay clear of them. I will warn my family and others I know about ones that I truly encounter.

However, I’ve seen people take a single sentence out of context, quote it, and call them false teachers under the same breath. Billy Graham has had one of the best ministries in the entire world. I don’t agree with him on everything, but I can acknowledge that he has led many to Christ through the Holy Spirits work.

Recently, according to someone I attend church with, Billy Graham said a sentence that sounded like Universalism. I don’t know if Billy Graham for sure believes in that these days, but I suspect that he doesn’t or else he wouldn’t have worked so hard to see so many souls saved. Why should we take Billy Graham and throw him under the bus, tear his ministry down, and likely hurt many believers? Please, just think before you go around ranting about other pastors. You could be doing more harm than you are good.