Kimbo Slice is Just A Thug

Kimbo Slice

I hadn’t really even heard of this guy prior to a few days ago. There is no doubt, this guy is absolutely huge. I got to looking around online and found some videos of him and his little posse roaming around fighting people in backyards and other unsupervised places.

First of all, I can’t imagine why any official fighting platform would want to market this guy. When watching other videos you hear his friends using the “N” word every two seconds. I mean, come on, shouldn’t we find people who associate themselves with people who have a little bit more class than that?

Not only this, but there are certainly other avenues that true fighters can take these days. Backyard fighting is so 1990′s. We have the UFC, we have Pride, we have other organizations backed by people who want to make it an official sport. This clown is using the internet to gain his popularity and others are joining in by also sacrificing their health. In fact, I believe in one video a guy had his eye knocked out of its socket by Kimbo. I couldn’t believe that both guys were smiling about it, and Kimbo wanted to continue fighting. How ridiculous is that? Congratulations, you proved to the 5 people in the backyard that you are a complete idiot. No wonder the NFL didn’t want him around. He is more of a thug than Michael Vick.