Kimbo Slice Loses

I have had a few people come on and bash me for my comments about Kimbo Slice a couple of months ago (see below post). While Kimbo Slice is pretty much an internet superstar, he proved Saturday that he is nothing more than that. In fact, he lost to someone who couldn’t cut it in the UFC, Seth Petruzelli. In fact, to put this into perspective, you have to look at who Seth is.

This isn’t to put Seth down, as much as it to put Kimbo Slice back into reality with his fighting skills. Seth didn’t even win the Ultimate Fighter show. The Ultimate Fighter is a great platform for up and coming fighters. It has had people like Forest Griffin and Keith Jardine in it. However, I think both will tell you that they are leaps and bounds better now than they were on the show. With that said, Seth never made it to the finals of the show.

To top it off, Seth likely hasn’t been training for this fight. I’m sure he is still doing MMA somewhere. But, he was so hungry to be in the spotlight, he took this fight an hour before the match. I respect him for that.

Seth Petruzelli won the fight in a matter of seconds. In fact, I flipped from the channel at one point, came back, and the fight was already over. I was a little bit upset about that, but found it more enjoyable seeing Kimbo Slice defeated like he was. Perhaps Kimbo Slice can now come back to reality with us. He is an average fighter at best who no where near deserves the internet superstardom that he has received. Can we get our focus back on the real fighters of today, the UFC title holders now?