Accepting Credit Cards is Important For Online Business

Merchant Services

Honestly, I have been an internet marketer for quite a while now. In fact, I’ve offered quite a few services. Ranging from web design, web hosting, to PHP scripts, to even content creation, I have done it all. I have lost several potential clients because of my inability to accept credit cards as payment. Many are overseas clients who cannot access PayPal, which is what I normally use for payment transactions.

The ability to do credit card processing has always been too expensive to open for me. I’m a small-time business owner and it doesn’t make sense for me to open a merchant account unless I can find one that doesn’t require a monthly fee or doesn’t charge me a flat fee of $5.00 for every small $10.00 transaction I make. looks to have an amazing business model. I fully intend on opening an account with them to improve my income on my websites. According to a lot of people, not offering credit cards online is business suicide. I can’t say that I 100% agree with that, but I have no doubt that if meets up to what they say they are offering, that this would be great for small business owners like myself. Now, we can more easily compete with others in our competitive markets.

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