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Thank you for finally providing a G rated website where I don’t have to worry about inappropriate material. I can easily come home and just enjoy funny amusing videos and jokes that are fun for all ages. For example there is this fun video of a soccer match between China and some other team where it shows a funny goal by China. The player receives a corner kick and he jumps over the defender and hits a header towards the goal where it hits the left goal post ricochets back to him as hes laying on his stomach and the ball hits his head into the goal. The most unbelievable goal I have ever seen in my life. Being a soccer fan I thought I had seen everything but I was wrong. That video kept me laughing for a while. There is also a good picture joke where the image shows the parking lot of corporation. The car farthest away from the entrance is quoted as saying the “Workahalic” and the next closest parking space if the “Boss” and the closest one to the entrance is the “Blonde Secretary”. Funny joke of the day with just images. The joke being PG rated makes it also good for all ages. The jokes of the day are also fun and cute. For example they have a turtle joke where a turtle gets mugged by snails and the police investigates and asks the turtle if he saw what happened to him and he replies, I don’t know it all happened too fast.

Step Brothers (With Will Ferrell) Looks Hilarious

Step Brothers Movie

I haven’t been this excited about a comedy since the release of Jim Carrey’s Pet Detective: When Nature Calls. Which, by the way, is a great movie in case you haven’t seen it.

I had a couple of friends over at my house lastnight and they brought up this movie. I hadn’t even seen the trailer for Step Brothers or anything so they asked me to load it up.

Oh my gosh, I’m a fan already. With Will Ferrell in it, you know it is bound to be a great movie. It is apparently about these two older men who still live with their parents. Eventually, becoming step brothers when their single parents get married. Now, not only living under the same roof, but having to share the same room, they start out by hating eachother. They end up finding out they have a lot in common and go on a journey to get jobs so they can move out of the parents home.

If you haven’t seen the trailer, you should definitely make a search over at Youtube or go to the Official Step Brothers Website. I guarantee, that even if you have not liked some of Will’s work in the past, that you will fall in love with this kind of comedy.