Wii Fit Review

I just bought one for Christmas. I don’t really have a success story, persay, at this point. In fact, I opened it up the day after Christmas, played on it for a bit. But, had family in and a lot of stuff going on so was unable to hop back on until lastnight. The sucker said I gained 3 lbs! I believe it though, i’ve been eating enough turkey and ham to last me a lifetime.

Anyhow, now to the stuff you really want to hear. The Wii Fit is easy to setup, but it takes a while. You should leave yourself at least 30 minutes or so before you ever get the opportunity to play the games. You will want to setup your Mii (which you use for all other games too) and then you will need to do some body tests and things on the Wii Fit board.

They keep it pretty entertaining along the way though. It was interesting to see that I was barely into the normal category for my BMI. I figured this would be the case. I am not necessarily overweight, i’m just out of shape. During the balance test I saw that I really have no balance. I also got the opportunity to setup a goal for myself. Mine is more of just keeping track of whats going on with my body, since my goal is not necessarily to lose weight, I plugged in 5 lbs (which now I have to lose 8!).

Once you get through all the initial setup, its fairly quick to hop on and start getting in a workout. I would imagine that everyone has this problem because different areas of different peoples bodies are stronger than others. I actually have fairly strong legs and abs, but a weak back, chest, and arms.

They have the exercises split up into a handful of categories. You can do yoga, aerobics, or strength are the primary “fitness” elements in my opinion. Others are like balance games and in my opinion are not quite as good of a workout. As mentioned above, I guess it would be natural for some people to find a few of hte exercises very easy, others extremely hard. Since I’m a pretty big guy, donig the pushups was almost impossible for me. First off, I’ve never been good at them anyhow, but having to keep my hands on a small board (much further in than what feels natural) it just made it htat much harder. I intend on working up on that. The ab workouts such as the jacknife were really good.

I was also extremely shocked at how well the aerobics workouts were working for me. The running in place could be entertaining, especially since you can do 2 player and race against someone else. Needless to say, I got beat by my pregnant wife. =/

Overall, I would recommend the Wii Fit to anyone who has a Wii. It is good at keeping track of where you are at, and is going to be fairly entertaining. Still, you’ll have to find time to use it just as you would for any other type of exercise equipment in your house. It is unique though, and makes it a bit more interesting.



Kimbo Slice is Just A Thug

Kimbo Slice

I hadn’t really even heard of this guy prior to a few days ago. There is no doubt, this guy is absolutely huge. I got to looking around online and found some videos of him and his little posse roaming around fighting people in backyards and other unsupervised places.

First of all, I can’t imagine why any official fighting platform would want to market this guy. When watching other videos you hear his friends using the “N” word every two seconds. I mean, come on, shouldn’t we find people who associate themselves with people who have a little bit more class than that?

Not only this, but there are certainly other avenues that true fighters can take these days. Backyard fighting is so 1990′s. We have the UFC, we have Pride, we have other organizations backed by people who want to make it an official sport. This clown is using the internet to gain his popularity and others are joining in by also sacrificing their health. In fact, I believe in one video a guy had his eye knocked out of its socket by Kimbo. I couldn’t believe that both guys were smiling about it, and Kimbo wanted to continue fighting. How ridiculous is that? Congratulations, you proved to the 5 people in the backyard that you are a complete idiot. No wonder the NFL didn’t want him around. He is more of a thug than Michael Vick.

New Site Dedicated To Medical Syndrome

Today I found a nice blog which talks on latest articles and research works on Medical syndromes
The name Medisyne.com comes from the words ‘medical’ and ‘syndromes’. The result is a mnemonic of the word ‘medicine’, The site is nicely designed blog and easy to browse/search the medical syndrome articles.

Medisyne.com aims to provide its readers news and information about the many prevalent medical disorders. Their goal is to educate readers about every possible syndrome there is. Currently, they have already featured the following: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue, Compartment, Cushing’s, Down Syndrome, Fetal Alcohol, Fragile X Syndrome, Gilbert’s Syndrome, Guillan Barre, Irritable Bowel, Joubert, Marfan, Metabolic Syndromes, Noonan, Premenstrual, Restless Leg, Stevens Johnson, Toxic Shock, and Turner’s.

Aside from featuring rare syndromes, Medisyne.com also has a section solely dedicated for general health. It reports news about more widely and commonly known diseases such as hypertension, anorexia, eye damage, viral infection, cancer, depression, tuberculosis, and many more. They believe that the maintenance of good health is essential to alleviate the quality living. In knowing symptoms and diseases, you gain an invaluable protection and that is knowledge.

The blog is updated regularly with latest news and research on various medical syndromes occuring worldwide.

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Since the launch of You Tube in early 2005, many have the desire to download youtube videos to their personal computers and laptops so they have a copy saved to their hard drive. By downloading them, it gives users the ability to share the YouTube.com videos even if you are not connected to the internet or cannot access YouTube.com. This makes for entertaining and fun videos on the go.

YouTube has not lost it’s popularity since it’s launch, and the popular video sharing website is predicted to gain even more popularity in the future since it is one of the most popular websites in the world. Currently owned by google, and based in San Bruno California, YouTube will continue to revolutionize the internet as we know it.

Smart For Life – best diet plan

For more than four years Smart for Life Weight Management Centers have helped thousands of clients to lose weight with their program. The diet is very simple – six cookies throughout the day, eight glasses of water or other no calorie drinks and a low fat protein dinner consisting of six ounces of fish, chicken, turkey or shellfish and two vegetables. The cookies, which come in five flavors, are exclusively available at Smart for Life™ Weight Management Centers. The cookies are full of nutrients, amino acids, and fiber which suppress hunger while still supplying the body with the protein it needs. They are also all-natural, with organic ingredients and have no chemical appetite suppressants or artificial sweeteners. Clients praise the diet for its excellent hunger control and rapid weight loss. Smart for Life Centers medically supervise patients throughout the weight loss process and work closely with their primary care physician which helps them make positive changes in their lives by helping them reach and maintain their weight loss goals. Smart for Life doctors also address issues such as high blood pressure and diabetes – hopefully decreasing, and in some cases eliminating, clients’ need for prescription medications as they lose weight.

diet plan
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Rapid Weight Loss » Smart For Life - best diet plan
[...] pacwc.org wrote an interesting post today on Smart For Life - best diet planHere’s a quick excerpt For more than four years Smart for Life Weight Management Centers have helped thousands of clients … weight loss. Smart for Life Centers medically supervise patients throughout the weight loss process … by helping them reach and maintain their weight loss goals. [...]

Chronic Illness

So what is Chronic Illness? A chronic illness is not referring to a specific illness. Instead, it describes illnesses that are sometimes life-long problems for an individual. Chronic’s root word, “chronos” is related to time.


There can be several types of chronic illnesses. Cancer, asthma, and diabetes are just a few illnesses that can be considered chronic. Does this mean that a person that has a chronic illness will always be sick? Not always. There are hundreds of illnesses that can at times be a life-long struggle.


Since there are so many different types of chronic illness, it is difficult to say how a person might cope with their situation. Some with chronic illness are not able function as well as they would like. It is important for them to have a great support structure around them to help them handle their situation.


My father struggles with several chronic illnesses, two of his primary problems are Hepatitis C and Diabetes. I admire his ability to get up out of the chair every morning and push himself to go to work. Taking chemotherapy and somewhere around 10 or more pills per day, he rarely, if ever, complains about his situation. However, not everyone has that strength. It will not only be their lives changing, it will also likely be your own if it is a close family member.

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