Do It Yourself: Shrink Wrap

There are some things in life that you should probably leave up to professionals. Before learning on this topic I imagined this was probably one of them. However, I came into work the other day and this guy that sits a few cubicles down from me is really into Harley Davidson stuff. You will find different odd and end type things that have the Harley Davidson logo on it. He recently decided that his little microwave needed to fit the theme of his cubicle so he actually contemplated shrink wrapping it with a printed logo of the 50th anniversary Harley Davidson logo. Granted, it is a little bit cheezy, but I dug around on the web for a “how to” for heat shrink.

Based on how it sounds, it doesn’t seem like it would be that difficult. Depending on what you intend on doing with it, there are places that sell types of shrink wrapping materials such as heat shrink sleeves and heat shrink tube. I thought the process was quite interesting. He hasn’t actually decided to go through with the idea, but if he does I’ll post some pictures.

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