I Never Wanted to Root for the Lakers

Kobe Bryant is Arrogant

Oh man, in my opinion, Kobe Bryant is one of the most arrogant people in basketball today. In fact, he almost made me puke after the game when the press asked him questions. I believe it was Game 2 or 3 against the Spurs when in the first half he had only 2 points and had missed several shots at that point. He did come out stronger and had something like 26 points in the second half.

When the reporter asked him about why he didn’t do very well in the first half. He came back with a response that he can “turn it on” anytime he wants. Come on now, stop trying to sound like you just sit back and didn’t want to get involved in the offense. Give the defense a little bit of credit.

Granted, when the guy is hitting he can really knock down the shots. But to come out and just not give the opposing team any credit seems pretty arrogant to me. If he really was just sitting back or could “turn it on” anytime he wanted, he would do it all the time and his team would want him to do that. The fact of the matter is, is that some people are capable of playing good defense against him and at times he will not be hitting. He won’t admit to that though unless that happens all game for him.

Even though I dislike Kobe Bryant so much, I would still like to see the Lakers vs Celtics in the championship. There is so much history between the two teams that it alone would make the series entertaining. However, I will certainly be pushing for the Celtics to win.

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