Speaking in Tongues is Real

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I grew up in a family that was in church everytime the doors were open. The church we attended was a conservative church with the gifts of the Holy Spirit being quite abundant. I’ve never really thought anything otherwise about Speaking in Tongues, but now that I am 25 years old, I want to read the scripture for myself to determine what I believe. I want to study it and read the scriptures for myself that would make a foundation for why I believe the way I do.

Speaking in Tongues was a big one for me. The vast majority of Christians do not believe in it, but I have seen it and been around it all of my life.

I started out by looking up Tongues in the Concordance in my NIV Study Bible. I came to Acts chapter 2 where speaking in tongues was first given to someone. Now, upon reading this chapter alone, one could assume that it was only for these special people. However, if you go to Acts Chapter 10 another occurance of this gift was given.

Acts 10 : 45 The circumcised believers who had come with Peter were astonished that the gift of the Holy Spirit had been poured out even on the Gentiles. 46 For they heard them speaking in tongues and praising God.

If the Holy Spirit poured out this gift on people who were not considered “special” then we have evidence here that the Holy Spirits gift can be given to anyone. While the bible makes it clear that not everyone will recieve this gift (1 Corinthians 12:30), you do not have to be viewed as a particular special person by God, as Peter was, to be able to speak in tongues.

I tried to read quite a bit on this very topic by people who do not believe in this gift. The only explanation I could find was that those who do not believe in it think that this was no longer in action by the Holy Spirit after the apostolic period. However, as mentioned above, I think the bible is pretty clear that it was not only the apostles that were given this gift.

PC Gaming Sucks This Year

Gaming LAN The whole PC Gaming thing sucks this year. I’ve been playing for quite a while, at least 6 years now. I remember playing Battlefield 1942 to the late wee hours of the night with some friends. But to be honest, there is just nothing anymore that excites me.

I was looking over at AnandTech’s review of the upcoming games for 2008, and only a few stuck out to me. Those are, Spore, FarCry 2, and Fallout 3.

 After watching some videos on Spore, I think I might check it out. But I was dissapointed to find out that it had no multiplayer, which is where PC Gaming excels over the consoles in my opinion. The only form of multiplayer the game has, at least that I am aware of, is the ability to bring other users content to create a world with your own species. But it seems like the whole concept is just to build up your empire, where would it end? Where is the enjoyment if you can’t blow some guy in another state’s little masterpiece away? It still looks like something unique in the gaming world,  so I will at least check it out.

As for FarCry 2, I’m not sure about it. I haven’t heard to much hype surrounding it. I know that they are releasing console versions so I hope that the PC version doesn’t take a back seat for online play. I never really got into the first one all that much, at the time I was wasting my evenings combating nazi’s in Call of Duty. However, I did play the first version of the game at CPL in the Summer of 2004. It seemed enjoyable and had pretty good graphics. I am crossing my fingers that this will be the same so that I can have another shoot’em up game to play.

Fallout 3… well, what can I say? The name alone brings extra anticipation along with extra expectations. They haven’t failed us yet, but we’ll see how it goes. They promise a release for Fallout 3 in Q3 of 2008. We will see though. Perhaps they can give us something to do around Christmas, the best time of the year to sip coffee and play computer games with the snow falling outside.

Some Lenders Reduce Mortgage Interest Rates to Entice Customers


While many banks and lenders have been increasing the interest rates on mortgage despite the three recent base rate cuts a number of lenders have decided to try and take advantage of difficult credit conditions by trimming some of their mortgage rates in order to try and entice customers. Tow banks have recently announced that they will be cutting the interest rate slightly on some of their mortgage products, and this is Abbey and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Spanish owned Abbey recently stated that it would be cutting its two year fixed rate mortgages by 0.11% for both new borrowers and existing ones looking to refinance. The bank’s flexible and tracker rate mortgages are also set to fall by around 0.1%. However, most of its other mortgage loans will either remain static or increase slightly in terms of interest rate. An official from the bank said: “We will continue to offer competitive products whilst still being careful to balance this against the need to maintain service levels for our customers given recent competitor moves.”

In the meantime RBS is also trying to increase its share in the mortgage market by reducing interest rates on some of its mortgage products by between 0.1% and 0.3%. The banks states that it has doubled its share in the mortgage market recently, and one official from RBS said: “Whilst 2008 has seen a shrinking mortgage market, we have actually increased the amount we have lent by 18 percent and plan to continue this trend for the rest of the year.”

In the meantime many lenders continue to remove various mortgage products from the shelves whilst raising interest rates on many others as a result of the global credit crunch that continued to wreak havoc in the money markets.  

Preachers Who Tear Down Other Ministers

I could mention these preachers, but i’m not going to. Most people who read a lot of books on theology, listen to sermons online, or listen to christian radio are probably well aware of a few who fit this category. It is so frustrating to me.

On one hand, these ministers are so thankful that Jesus Christ saved them. On the other hand, they don’t realize that his blood covered more than just themselves. In fact, some are so dogmatic they will go to the point of putting down others directly from the pulpit. In my personal views, the pulpit should be used for teaching the word, not teaching against the words of men.

Now, before I make anyone too upset, you have to realize that I acknowledge that there are false teachers. We should stay clear of them. I will warn my family and others I know about ones that I truly encounter.

However, I’ve seen people take a single sentence out of context, quote it, and call them false teachers under the same breath. Billy Graham has had one of the best ministries in the entire world. I don’t agree with him on everything, but I can acknowledge that he has led many to Christ through the Holy Spirits work.

Recently, according to someone I attend church with, Billy Graham said a sentence that sounded like Universalism. I don’t know if Billy Graham for sure believes in that these days, but I suspect that he doesn’t or else he wouldn’t have worked so hard to see so many souls saved. Why should we take Billy Graham and throw him under the bus, tear his ministry down, and likely hurt many believers? Please, just think before you go around ranting about other pastors. You could be doing more harm than you are good.

Politics Is A Mess

Politics is an interesting subject. Things are slowly beginning to heat up as we get closer to election time and make a crucial decision for our country here in the United States. In fact, this might be one of the biggest decisions our country has made in a while. One side is against the war in Iraq, while the other side thinks we need to stick to our guns and change the Middle East.

The Democratic Party’s front runner at the moment is no other than Hillary Rodham Clinton. I’m not sure the democrats have learned from their mistakes in previous elections. I have no doubt in my mind that if the democratic party would push for someone that was in the moderate category that they would be able to run away with the election. I think that a good portion of men will shy away from voting for Hillary Clinton for no other reason than her being a female. That is at least the way I see it. Also, Hillary has been shifty on her stances, particularly in how to handle illegal immigrants. You can also go further back and realize that she was also in favor of military action in Iraq at one point. That’s really no surprise though; most people were prior to going in.

When it comes to the Iraq war, I think only people who are crazy think that everything is fine and dandy over there. Heck, I was in favor of the war, and I’m still a bit undecided on what to do about the situation, but by no means would I say things are going the way they should be going at the moment. Is the answer to duck and run? I don’t think so. Is the answer to keep our troops over there for another five years? I don’t think so. The problem we are having stems from having a great initial plan of getting Saddam out of power, but I do not think that the administration really planned well on holding borders and keeping terrorists out. Instead, terrorists began flooding in and we are no longer fighting Saddam’s loyal fighters, but instead terrorists that would come to the US and kill another 3,000 if they had the opportunity. I think we need to find a way to end this, I’m just not so sure that Hillary Rodham Clinton is the answer.

New Site Dedicated To Medical Syndrome

Today I found a nice blog which talks on latest articles and research works on Medical syndromes
The name Medisyne.com comes from the words ‘medical’ and ‘syndromes’. The result is a mnemonic of the word ‘medicine’, The site is nicely designed blog and easy to browse/search the medical syndrome articles.

Medisyne.com aims to provide its readers news and information about the many prevalent medical disorders. Their goal is to educate readers about every possible syndrome there is. Currently, they have already featured the following: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue, Compartment, Cushing’s, Down Syndrome, Fetal Alcohol, Fragile X Syndrome, Gilbert’s Syndrome, Guillan Barre, Irritable Bowel, Joubert, Marfan, Metabolic Syndromes, Noonan, Premenstrual, Restless Leg, Stevens Johnson, Toxic Shock, and Turner’s.

Aside from featuring rare syndromes, Medisyne.com also has a section solely dedicated for general health. It reports news about more widely and commonly known diseases such as hypertension, anorexia, eye damage, viral infection, cancer, depression, tuberculosis, and many more. They believe that the maintenance of good health is essential to alleviate the quality living. In knowing symptoms and diseases, you gain an invaluable protection and that is knowledge.

The blog is updated regularly with latest news and research on various medical syndromes occuring worldwide.

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Opening a Second Chance Banking Account

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Getting a checking account is free, you will receive a free MasterCard debit card, and you are 100% guaranteed to be approved.  You will not have to make a deposit, and you will have a legitimate routing number and account number.


After your second chance checking account is setup you can use it as if it were any other checking account. All banks used are FDIC insured banks, with options of direct deposit from your employer. Being able to use these types of banks should help you feel safe knowing that losing money is not a risk. You should feel secure with most any FDIC bank knowing that if economic disaster strikes as it did a few hundred years ago that your money is still safe.


As well, you will not have any ChexSystems checks with these accounts. If you are not familiar with these, then you may not have been turned down from opening a checking account previously. A ChexSystems is essentially a place that employers, banks, and lenders use to check some of your history. If you have had previous trouble with your accounts then the ChexSystems is there to notify these people that you may be a credit risk. Opening a Second Chance Checking Account will help you get your checking account without having the embarrassment of someone telling you are too much of a risk for them.

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The WebJaguar service has a strong competitive advantage in meeting the needs of, a) manufacturers, b) wholesalers, c) distributors, d) suppliers, e) retailers and f) small to mid-sized corporations.  The company also focuses on business alliances with companies that act as resellers with many prospects for WebJaguar and can help the alliance companies better service their customers, including a) hosting companies, b) IT services companies and c) Web design/development companies that do not have the E-Business, E-commerce and content management tools of WebJaguar.  The company’s success achieved in a relatively short amount of time is attributed to its industry knowledge, passion for creating Web site applications that help businesses grow profitably, and a focus on customer service. Contact us at
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The extremely popular video sharing website known as www.YouTube.com has revolutionized the way that internet users spend there time online. Internet surfers from all around the world create, upload, and share videos for entertainment purposes and share them with each other on the YouTube. Many times, users create and upload amazing videos and share them with their friends and family by copying and pasting the code that youtube provides it’s users with. These videos are often posted on MySpace, Digg, Friendster, Hi5, and other networking websites, where they gain popularity.

Since the launch of You Tube in early 2005, many have the desire to download youtube videos to their personal computers and laptops so they have a copy saved to their hard drive. By downloading them, it gives users the ability to share the YouTube.com videos even if you are not connected to the internet or cannot access YouTube.com. This makes for entertaining and fun videos on the go.

YouTube has not lost it’s popularity since it’s launch, and the popular video sharing website is predicted to gain even more popularity in the future since it is one of the most popular websites in the world. Currently owned by google, and based in San Bruno California, YouTube will continue to revolutionize the internet as we know it.

SEO for your E-commerce Website

SEO for your E-commerce site?

Most of the E-commerce sites on the Net are based on content management systems, this means: URLs and pages are dynamically generated by the scripting language fetching all elements from the database.

It is very complicated to optimize such a site and it requires normally 100% professional assistance. I will show you, how you can resolve a problematic case like this on hand of the below information provided for your search engine optimization project.

Optimization for ASP
Sites completely dynamically generated means: all the displayed data such as navigation, all content, products, page titles and Meta tags are fetched by the ASP queries from the different fields in the tables of a database and then parsed by the engine onto the users screen through a browser. Fact is that search engine can only understand as much of this code as a person who has a good knowledge of html but has no clue of JavaScript, DHTML or scripting languages such as ASP or JSP. This person is probably not capable to write any queries to search the database and to display the results such as the content for a certain page on the screen. Search Engines can’t either.

First requirement in a case like this is to retrieve the ranking status of the website in question at search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. If the web site does not show up at all (below the first 50 pages) be not discouraged, there are ways to actually improve ranking.

There are factors which should be clarified, check if there are any duplicate content titles and Meta tags. This is very often the case at dynamically generated web sites.

This has a bad impact on the ranking, when repeated data is dished up to the bots.

The head tags here comes title and Meta data are mostly generated by the use of an include file. Take care that as many pages as possible have its own and unique title tag and Meta data such as the description etc. Improving this will take you already further than you probably expected.

Duplicate content mostly found on product pages often without product related small articles, reflecting the keywords users probably will use searching for this product is also a draw back of dynamically generated web sites. In fact this is a common problem with most Ecommerce websites.

How to start?
Thus implementing the titles and Meta data plus content has absolute priority. Second is to wait a short couple of days to see the result after the spiders have indexed the new content. Mostly this first step pulls the web site over the 50 – 45 page rank.

To analyze the behavior and reaction of the search engines to their new treat is essential to take the second step, which would be adding additional keywords to every page and format your content properly using headers (
h1) and
h2etc. Assigning a hierarchic order to the content seems to have a very good effect on the ranking especially MSN and Yahoo search engine show mostly a significant increase in ranking.

The first ranking results
Do not be surprised when your site is ranking now in Yahoo at the third page and on the first page of MSN with some very competitive keywords, but you will realize that Google seems to be more resistant to present your site to the users searching the Net. It is therefore absolutely necessary to monitor the effects of your changes closely and daily to achieve a better result and to analyze all responses of the search engines.

It can even happen that your site shows up in MSN and it can disappear after a day or three again which can be really shocking because you have invested a lot of time and probably have sacrificed even your weekends to achieve better ranking results. Get into the code and check what is going on. Make sure that the code of the templates is clean XHTML and replace too many complicated nested tables with a more simple code and additionally clear everything out that can be handled by the Stylesheet. Best way is working following the www.w3.org recommendations and you will see this will improve ranking too. Rewrite the content and double check if there is no more duplicate content or Meta tags around.


When your research shows that the site was probably penalized because the search engines have crawled URLS which offer the same content and products on different pages and that there is no way for you to resolve this because this is the way the site was set up then proceed with the following:

Add a robots.txt file and place it into the root of the server so the crawler is not allowed to follow the URLS with a query string (?). This looks something like this: Disallow: /*? This really helps, just try it.


If you suspect that the spiders and bots avoid crawling the complete site because the site was build with hundreds of include files (server side includes) and this requires excessive time to load when the crawler comes to visit your server then additionally add a crawler delay to the robots.txt so that MSNbot will crawl the server more slowly (User-agent: msnbotCrawl-delay: 120) (User-agent: Teoma Crawl-delay: 10) (User-agent: Slurp Crawl-delay: 10) just to name a few. This also really helps if your site gets spidered too quickly, especially if you’re using ASP.

End results

You will see that complicated dynamically generated sites will rank very well and will hit the first 3 pages of Google, Yahoo and MSN in a timeframe of approximately 4 – 6 months after implementing the changes described above. Please notice that you have to be patient when it comes to search engine optimization. Normally optimization can take from 4 up to 12 months, depending how competitive your keywords are and how much content you have to offer. Building static pages with good written content always helps and is recommended. Remember to monitor the reactions of the search engines to your changes and act accordingly.

To achieve a good position, you may have already guessed, many factors are involved. It starts how the website is built and includes the content you offer and goes on to how accessible your navigation is to the search engines and how easy they can follow it. Also know that spiders hate queries because they can be caught up by these queries as spiders in a web and this is the plain truth even when it sounds like a fairy tale.

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Smart For Life – best diet plan

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[...] pacwc.org wrote an interesting post today on Smart For Life - best diet planHere’s a quick excerpt For more than four years Smart for Life Weight Management Centers have helped thousands of clients … weight loss. Smart for Life Centers medically supervise patients throughout the weight loss process … by helping them reach and maintain their weight loss goals. [...]

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Chronic Illness

So what is Chronic Illness? A chronic illness is not referring to a specific illness. Instead, it describes illnesses that are sometimes life-long problems for an individual. Chronic’s root word, “chronos” is related to time.


There can be several types of chronic illnesses. Cancer, asthma, and diabetes are just a few illnesses that can be considered chronic. Does this mean that a person that has a chronic illness will always be sick? Not always. There are hundreds of illnesses that can at times be a life-long struggle.


Since there are so many different types of chronic illness, it is difficult to say how a person might cope with their situation. Some with chronic illness are not able function as well as they would like. It is important for them to have a great support structure around them to help them handle their situation.


My father struggles with several chronic illnesses, two of his primary problems are Hepatitis C and Diabetes. I admire his ability to get up out of the chair every morning and push himself to go to work. Taking chemotherapy and somewhere around 10 or more pills per day, he rarely, if ever, complains about his situation. However, not everyone has that strength. It will not only be their lives changing, it will also likely be your own if it is a close family member.

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