PHP and MySQL – A Dominant Combination for Web Development

Are you laying the foundation for your first website? Website development is associated with careful selection of two most essential platforms, a scripting language at the front end and support of influential database at the back end. These two components are deciding factors for the accomplished subsistence of a web portal.

PHP and MySQL serve as most dependable tools for modern web development. And when combined, these two platforms are capable of dishing up a website with desirable functionality.

PHP – Dawn of Dynamic Web Development

PHP has been welcomed by webmasters with open arms, as it is labeled as server side scripting language. This feature of PHP holds great value in building powerful and complex web applications, which are easy to load on the desktop of Internet users. Here are other benefits of employing PHP for web development:

  • PHP code is easily implanted in HTML files, which allows the server to employ fast processing of this code.
  • PHP owes its existence to evergreen languages like C and C++. Thus, programmers well-versed in these languages may quickly switch over to PHP. More than that it is easy for novice programmers to get equipped with PHP.
  • PHP provides dynamic utility to a website due to which, it is capable of generating fast outputs according to the user inputs at any given point of time.
  • PHP shares a great association with Database Management Systems. It facilitates the data to be stored at a centralized location thereby making it possible to access this data easily and quickly.
  • The most important feature of PHP is that it supports Open Source Code system. This means that unlike other scripting languages like ASP, PHP offers free code to different programmers and web surfers. This has lead to the existence of PHP communities to share significant codes with each other.

    MySQL – Most Admirable Relational Database

    MySQL is fast becoming the choice of web developers and the credit goes to its robustness, flexibility and reliability. Here are some of the most enchanting features of this database:

  • First of all, it is an open source database system and thus, is easily available.
  • MySQL is easy to install and takes less time in this process, as compared to other databases like Oracle.
  • It ensures high performance, voluminous memory caches, flexibility and scalability for its usage in small and big web development projects.
  • It ensures security in terms of encrypting and decrypting features, along with provision for authenticated access to data.
  • It follows a fast and reliable query procedure to enhance the utility of web application.

    How About Combining to Potent Platforms

    PHP and MySQL, apart from enjoying good status individually, form the basis of a powerful web development package. These two components are inseparable parts of LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) and WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL and PHP). Here are few advantages enjoyed by this combination:

  • It is easy to install these two platforms on the computer of web developer.
  • This combination is supported by various operating systems, Windows and UNIX being the two prominent ones.
  • An array of web servers provides support to this combination.
  • It is an inexpensive platform to build serious applications like shopping carts.
  • The combination of PHP and MySQL is capable of generating automated web applications.
  • PHP and MySQL are undisputed rulers of web applications developed these days. Thus, one can add worth to powerful existence of its website in cyber space by providing same space to these two platforms.

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