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I just bought one for Christmas. I don’t really have a success story, persay, at this point. In fact, I opened it up the day after Christmas, played on it for a bit. But, had family in and a lot of stuff going on so was unable to hop back on until lastnight. The sucker said I gained 3 lbs! I believe it though, i’ve been eating enough turkey and ham to last me a lifetime.

Anyhow, now to the stuff you really want to hear. The Wii Fit is easy to setup, but it takes a while. You should leave yourself at least 30 minutes or so before you ever get the opportunity to play the games. You will want to setup your Mii (which you use for all other games too) and then you will need to do some body tests and things on the Wii Fit board.

They keep it pretty entertaining along the way though. It was interesting to see that I was barely into the normal category for my BMI. I figured this would be the case. I am not necessarily overweight, i’m just out of shape. During the balance test I saw that I really have no balance. I also got the opportunity to setup a goal for myself. Mine is more of just keeping track of whats going on with my body, since my goal is not necessarily to lose weight, I plugged in 5 lbs (which now I have to lose 8!).

Once you get through all the initial setup, its fairly quick to hop on and start getting in a workout. I would imagine that everyone has this problem because different areas of different peoples bodies are stronger than others. I actually have fairly strong legs and abs, but a weak back, chest, and arms.

They have the exercises split up into a handful of categories. You can do yoga, aerobics, or strength are the primary “fitness” elements in my opinion. Others are like balance games and in my opinion are not quite as good of a workout. As mentioned above, I guess it would be natural for some people to find a few of hte exercises very easy, others extremely hard. Since I’m a pretty big guy, donig the pushups was almost impossible for me. First off, I’ve never been good at them anyhow, but having to keep my hands on a small board (much further in than what feels natural) it just made it htat much harder. I intend on working up on that. The ab workouts such as the jacknife were really good.

I was also extremely shocked at how well the aerobics workouts were working for me. The running in place could be entertaining, especially since you can do 2 player and race against someone else. Needless to say, I got beat by my pregnant wife. =/

Overall, I would recommend the Wii Fit to anyone who has a Wii. It is good at keeping track of where you are at, and is going to be fairly entertaining. Still, you’ll have to find time to use it just as you would for any other type of exercise equipment in your house. It is unique though, and makes it a bit more interesting.

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